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L5 Chocolate Promotion History

Welcome to L5 Chocolate Promotion Department. You can found all promotion pack for L5 Chocolate from pass until future.


2015 Promotion List
1. A2Dlife L5 pro9 SKINourish RM440 Promotion At Berfa Shop Blog
2. 2015 Chinese New Year DIY Promotion At Berfa Shop Blog

2014 Promotion List
1. 2014 Christmas DIY Promotion RM580 At Berfa Shop Blog
2. L5 Chocolate Platinum 6 Boxes Promotion At Berfa Shop Blog

2013 Promotion List
1. 2013 Merry Christmas Promotion At Berfa Shop Blog
2. 2013 April L5 Chocolate Promotion At Berfa Shop Blog

2012 September - October Promotion (Mega Sales RM410.00 For West & East)
L5 Chocolate中秋促销 (by Chinese read)
L5 Chocolate 2 Boxes (by English read)

Just PM Message or Contact one of below Berfa Shop Official Incharge Person.

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